LeRoy Collins Public Ethics Academy Hosts Ethics Bowl 2020 PBC Regional

Friday, Mar 20, 2020

On January 18, 2020, the FAU LeRoy Collins Public Ethics Academy (LCPEA) hosted the Ethics Bowl 2020 PBC Regional, an educational experience meant “to increase students’ awareness and sensitivity to ethical issues, to encourage collaborative thinking, and to promote civil discourse,” said Peter Cruise, executive director of the LCPEA.

The top four teams received scholarship prizes thanks to donations from the LCPEA, the Eric Friedheim Foundation and the Better Business Bureau Serving Southeast Florida and the Caribbean. The Richard and Lesley Stone Family Fund recently joined the list of sponsors for next year’s event.  The 2021 Regional Ethics Bowl will also be hosted by the LCPEA – as part of its long-term partnership with the Palm Beach County School District (PBSD) – further adding to the event’s rich, 25-year history.

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