Education and Curriculum

The Peace, Justice and Human Rights (PJHR) Certificate is designed to complement a major in any field as well as provide an enriching educational experience to non-degree seeking students. The program has a tailored curriculum which allows students flexibility to design a program which matches their personal interests, academic and professional objectives. Graduates enter fields such as law, international relations, social and community work and education. Click here for frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Certificate.

To select the Certificate, students must print the major/minor change form and add the PJHR Certificate under "add 1st minor" and have the Executive Director sign and provide directly to the Registrar Office.

For those that wish to elect the Certificate as a non-degree seeking student, please see the page developed by the Registrar’s Office for registration information.

The University catalog with information on the program can be found here.

Spring 2019 PJHR Certificate Courses can be found here.

Here is the Course Approval Form to be submitted with a syllabus for consideration for addition to the PJHR Certificate curriculum.

Students are required to complete fifteen (15) credit hours from three categories of classes:

CORE COURSES (six credit hours required)

PAX 3001: Introduction to Peace Studies
PHI 4661: Ethics
SPC 4633: Rhetoric of Social Protest

ELECTIVE COURSES (six credit hours required)

INR 3502: International Organization
SYP 4304: Social Movements
CPO 4724: Ethnic Conflict
SOW 4141: Family Violence
PHM 3440: Philosophy of Law
SPC 4540: Persuasion Propaganda
SYP 4454: Globalization and Social Movements

CONTEXT COURSES (three credit hours required)

INR 3403: International Law
INR 4503: Model United Nations
MMC 4301: International Communication
CCJ 4174: International Criminal Justice Systems
CCJ 4642: Organized Crime & the Business of Drugs
PHI 3640: Environmental Ethics
LIT 4605: Literature and War
SPC 3701: Intercultural Communication
CPO 4724: Comparative Politics of Ethnic Conflict

NEWLY ADDED CERTIFICATE COURSES (the following courses have been approved for the certificate)

BUL 4443: Ethics in Business
EDF 2085: Introduction to Diversity for Educators
EDF 2854: The Educated Citizen in a Global Context
EDF 3203: Equity Issues in Multicultural Education
EDF 3610: Education in a Multicultural Society
INR 4075: The Politics of Human Rights
INR 4350: Global Environmental Politics and Policies
PAD 4894: Diversity and Social Vulnerability in Public Safety Administration
POS 2692: Honors Punishment

*No more than six (6) credit hours may be taken from any one department.