Instrumental Ensembles

Symphony Orchestra

The Florida Atlantic University Symphony Orchestra is dedicated to performing standard repertoire in a wide variety of styles and periods at the highest level of musicianship. This ensemble features an annual student solo concerto and aria competition. The FAU Symphony Orchestra is comprised of talented undergraduate and graduate students who are currently earning degrees in music as a major or minor as well as students in other degree programs. This ensemble rehearses two times a week and studies under the direction of Dr. Laura Joella, Director of Orchestral Studies. If you are interested in auditioning for membership, please contact Dr. Joella at

Chamber Ensembles

Chamber music offers students the unique opportunity of performing music in which each individual part is of vital importance. Due to its nature, chamber music is where a musician can hone the skills to play the instrument since all parts are generally more complex and vital to the performance of the music. Ensemble precision, style, and intonation are clearly areas that will be improved. This is also a venue where people will learn how to work with others. Chamber music groups generally meet at least twice a week and are coached once a week. Each Semester the chamber music students perform on a Brass Chamber Music Recital. Some of the groups have also performed out in the community for weddings, church services, and a variety of other occasions.

Jazz Combos

Chamber jazz groups range in size from 3 to 10 members. Repertoire studied includes jazz standards in all pertinent styles, including but not limited to swing, latin, rock, funk and ballads. Students will gain proficiency in jazz ensemble playing and improvisation. Groups meet 2-3 hours per week, and perform at least once each semester.

Brazilian Percussion Ensemble

Under the direction of Dr. James Cunningham, this ensemble performs with the rhythms, instruments, and performance practices of batucada, a highly rhythmic genre associated with samba and the annual pre-Lenten Carnaval celebration in Brazil .

Classical Guitar Ensemble

Frederic Chopin is reported to have said "Nothing is more beautiful than a guitar, save perhaps two." The FAU Classical Guitar Ensemble performs original works and transcriptions for two, three, four or more guitars. Students work to master the skills of performing chamber music, including dynamic control, matched articulation, and intra-ensemble communication.

Commercial Music Ensembles

Directed by Rob Rimmington and Matt Joy, the Commercial Music Ensembles perform rock, Top 40, Latin, funk, fusion and more.