fau school of architecture

Director's Welcome

Florida Atlantic University's School of Architecture offers an innovative three year degree program, unique in the U.S., leading to an accredited First Professional Degree designed for students who have completed their lower division studies with an AA degree or have passed the required lower division courses. This program is accredited by the National Architectural Accreditation Board. We are proud of the fact that we received a full 5 year period of accreditation at our initial review and have continued to receive the maximum periods of accreditation since.

We have achieved this by focusing on learning by doing, actively teaching the fundamental principles of the profession in preparing our students to thrive in a changing and increasingly competitive professional environment. The School of Architecture aims to develop our students' creative abilities by encouraging the study of the built environment at all scales. From understanding how we inhabit and use space to how our buildings both impact and respond to their physical location in the city and its climatic conditions we practice sustainability, for we recognize that as design professionals we must maintain the highest respect for our environment, our clients, the building's occupants and our resources.

We are pleased to have an affiliation with Dr. Kenneth Yeang who was our College's John DeGrove Eminent Scholar for the 2010-2011 academic year. As one of the world's most influential architects, and "father of the green skyscraper." Dr. Yeang taught our graduate design studio in the Spring of 2011, inspiring our students to seek sustainable solutions for a high-density environment in downtown Fort Lauderdale. We are also proud of our relationship with our Australian partners at the Queensland University of Technology who co-host with us and the American Collegiate Schools of Architecture the International Subtropical Cities Conference in October 2013.

We invite you to join us and learn how we may "live lightly on the land" as the Pritzker Prize winning architect Glenn Murcutt exhorts us. Come join us to take on the challenge!

Deirdre Hardy, AIA
Director and Professor