Available Apps

Go to  virtualapps.fau.edu and login to use the applications below.

Adobe Captivate Logo  Adobe Captivate                     CMap Logo   CMap Minitab 17 Logo   Minitab 18
ArcGlobe 10 Logo  ArcGlobe 10 GeoGebra Logo   GeoGebra
Oracle SQL+ Logo   Oracle SQL+
ArcMap 10 Logo  ArcMap 10 Gimp 2 Logo   Gimp 2 Python Logo   Python
ArcScene 10 Logo  ArcScene 10 IBM SSPS 24 Logo   IBM SPSS 24 R logo   R
atlas.ti Logo  atlas.ti IBM SSPS AMOS 24 Graphics Logo   IBM SSPS AMOS 24 Graphics R Studio Logo   R Studio
Camtasia 9 Logo  Camtasia 9   SimUText 2017 Logo   SimUText 2017






 Last Modified 10/30/17