Florida Residency Guidelines

-    Residency for tuition purposes
-    What are the Basic Requirements for Florida Residency?
-    How do I determine if I'm a dependent student or an independent student?
-    How do I prove financial independence?
-    Who is my "claimant"?
-    What do I need to provide to prove my claim for Florida residency?
-    Special Categories
-    I am a Non-U.S Citizen. Do I qualify as Florida Resident for Tuition Purposes?
-    Important things to know about establishing Florida Residency for Tuition Purposes
-    Definitions
-    Appeal Procedures

What do I need to provide to prove my claim for Florida residency?

Every student who wishes to be considered for Florida residency must have a completed  Residency Classification Form on file that is filled out and signed by the claimant.

 The claimant must provide documentation proving  both legal ties and physical presence in the state of Florida.  Documents must be dated / issued at least 12 months before the first day of the semester for which Florida residency is sought. The claimant must demonstrate the establishment of a bona fide domicile in Florida and absence of legal ties to another state. No single document is conclusive.

Documents showing legal ties to Florida: (at least 2 documents from this list)

Florida Driver's License
Florida Voter's Registration Card
Florida Vehicle Registration
Florida Vehicle Title
Florida Professional or Occupational License
Florida Incorporation
Benefit Histories from Florida Agencies or Public Assistance Programs

Documents showing physical presence in Florida:

Lease Agreement
Utility Bills and proof of 12 consecutive months of payments
Declaration of Domicile
Proof of Purchase of a Permanent Home in Florida that is occupied as primary residence
Proof of Permanent Full-Time Employment

 Last Modified 11/8/16