Admissions Requirements

Admission to the freshman class is competitive. We encourage all students to apply early.

Many of our communications, including notification of the admission decision, are sent electronically. If you update
your email or mailing address, please notify us at To ensure receipt of our emails, include in your address book.

Required High School Units
Additional weight is given to all courses clearly marked Honors, Advanced, Gifted, Advanced Placement, Advanced International Certificate of Education or International Baccalaureate. The following units of study in high school are required:

English (3 with substantial composition): 4 units
Mathematics (Algebra 1 level and above): 4 units
Natural Science (2 with lab): 3 units
Social Science: 3 units
Foreign Language (of the same language): 2 units
Academic Electives: 2 units
Total: 18 units

ACT/SAT Information
  • To have SAT scores sent to Florida Atlantic University contact College Board at or (866) 630-9305. To have ACT scores sent contact American College Testing Program at or (319) 337-1313.
  • Residual ACT taken at FAU
  • FAU exam codes are:
5229 0729
  • We super score by using the highest sub scores from multiple test dates to create the ACT composite and the SAT total.
  • The writing section of ACT is required in the selection process. 

Entering Freshmen Class Mid-Range Test Scores:

Fall 2015
SAT (all 3 sections): 1480-1710; ACT: 21-26
Entering Freshmen Class Mid-Range GPA: 3.52 - 4.24

Summer 2015
SAT (all 3 sections): 1420 -1600; ACT: 20-24
Entering Freshmen Class Mid-Range GPA: 3.15 -3.91

Meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission. Applicants who are not selected for their chosen term of entry may appeal the admissions decision through the Faculty Committee on Student Admission.

Homeschooled students
Persons applying for admission who are participating in a non-traditional high school program must present credentials equivalent to those listed above. Homeschooled applicants should submit a homeschooled transcript that includes a list of all coursework (both completed and in progress), showing final grades and units earned for each course completed. Click here for a sample template for your home school transcript. The homeschool transcript should be notarized. SAT and/or ACT results must also be submitted. If you have any questions, please contact Claudette Robertson at 561.297.0312 or email

Persons with a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) from any state must achieve a total battery score of 600, with no sub score lower than 150. An SAT score of 1450 or an ACT score of 21 is also required of applicants with a GED. Applicants with a GED should also submit high school transcripts from any school attended.

Additional Admission Requirements

Freshman applicants should be aware that
additional requirements are necessary for the following majors:

College of Business

Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College

School of Architecture

College of Engineering and Computer Science

School of Communication and Multimedia Studies

Music Majors

**All other Colleges and majors, except for those described above, fall under the Undergraduate Admissions standard requirements for admission**

Admission Decisions

Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis. An official, written notification will be mailed to admitted students only. Students deferred for updated test scores or students not offered admission will be notified through our regular online status check only and not through the mail. To check your application status online please go to and click on "Check your Status".

Responses to questions on the application related to disciplinary and criminal history are required for all applicants.
Students with past misconduct must submit a full statement of relevant facts plus additional information if deemed
necessary. Each application will be reviewed on its individual merits. The University reserves the right to deny admission to an applicant when it determines that admission of the student represents a safety risk to the University community.

Your admission to FAU is specified for a certain semester and you must enroll during that term. Please note that admission to the initial term of entry does not guarantee admission to a future term. The Change of Entry option is not available for incoming freshman students.

Admissions Appeal

Appeals may be made to the Admissions Review Board within two weeks from the receipt of the denial. Withholding
information or giving false information may make you ineligible for admission.
The Faculty Committee on Student Admissions responds to admissions appeals. For an appeal to have merit, it must bring to light new compelling academic and/or personal information that was not addressed in the initial application.
While all appeals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, the rate of a decision being reversed based on an appeal has historically been very low. 
Please go to for information on how to appeal a decision.

New test scores and/or an updated transcript do not require an appeal. Please contact the Office of Admissions when submitting the new, updated information.

LINK Program

We encourage those students not offered admission to consider the LINK to FAU program. Please visit for more information.

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