Faculty Friends
Faculty Friends

Faculty Friends

Faculty Friends provide support for the recruitment efforts of the Office of Admissions.  Dedicated faculty contact admitted students through telephone calls or direct emails.  This gives the students the opportunity to learn more about their major field of study and a clear picture of what it will be like to be part of the University community.  The students have a great new contact before they begin classes.

The Office of Admissions recognizes the following faculty for their valuable contributions to the Faculty Friends program.


Kristy Padron (Faculty, Library) 

Alyse Ergood (Faculty, Library) 

Ken Frankel (Faculty, Library) 

Dawn Smith (Faculty, Library) 

Lauri Rebar (Faculty, Library) 

Larry Mello (Staff, Library) 


Gassem Alhalabi     

Tayler Kung

Farshad Araghi

Michelle Larocque

Barry Axe

Bob Lubarsky

Susannah Brown

Digna Mejia

Sue Dahmus

Hermant Merchant  

Thomas Eisenbarth    

Jennifer Peluso

Evelyn Frazier

Peter Ricci  

Alan Friedberg  

Jarice Rodriguez

Greg Gayle  

Michael Salmon  

Roger Goldwyn 

Pete Scarlatos

Alberto Haces  

Eric Shaw

Fred Hoffman

Karl Stevens      

Mirya Holman

Tsung-Chow  Su

Michael Horswell  

Melissa Troshinsky

Laura Joella

Sharmilla Vishwasrao

Ken Keaton

Wenying Xu

James Kumi-Diaka

Ali Zilouchian  

See what students are saying: 

"I appreciated the call, I was surprised and it really shows the schools commitment to students."

"I got a call from you last night regarding ocean engineering at FAU. I was not expecting such a call, and was pleasantly surprised. I thank you for the call because it made me feel very welcome."

"Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. Also again thank you for the phone call. I hope to be hearing from you soon."