Admissions Application Fee

The required $30 non-refundable application fee can be paid online when you submit your application. Online payment can be made only by credit card.

Click on the button below to pay by credit card.

Pay Online

It will take 24 hours for your application fee to post to your account. This is a nonrefundable application fee. Do not submit a fee for the same application multiple times.

Getting an Online Payment Error? Let Us Help!

You may be receiving a payment error message of "invalid" if your online payment did not go through. Read below to see how to make sure we receive your payment.

You did not submit an FAU Admissions Application  

We have not yet received an Admissions Application from you. If you believe you did fill out the application, make sure it was the correct one. You may have only filled out one of our additional applications for a specific College or program track. You need to first fill out our online Admissions Application and then pay your application fee. If you have not applied yet, click on the red Apply Now button at the top or bottom of our website.

You typed in the wrong Application Confirmation Number  

When you completed your Admissions Application online, we sent you a confirmation number to your email. You may have made a typo. Try again and make sure your confirmation number matches the one in our email.

Your last name or first name does not match your Admissions Application  

This is another case of those pesky typos. First check your application and make sure your name was spelled correctly there. If it was, go ahead and submit your payment again, making sure your name on your Application Fee form is spelled exactly the same.

Your date of birth does not match your Admissions Application  

We totally understand. Your birthday may only be 11 months, 25 days, 7 hours, and 13 seconds away but your excitement caused you to make a typo. Check your Admissions Application to make sure your date of birth is correct and then try submitting your Application Fee again.

You have already sent us your Application Fee  

We have received your payment! You may have paid the application fee and did not think your payment went through but it did. Thank you for your payment. If you have not already done so, please visit How To Apply to complete the application process to receive an admissions decision.


Students can also mail in a check, money order, postal money order, international money order or U.S traveler's check (all must be drawn in a U.S. bank). Please mail your payment to:

Florida Atlantic University
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
777 Glades Road SU-80
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0991


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