AP Credit Table

Advanced Placement (AP) examinations are given at the end of the year in high school Advanced Placement courses. Students may earn credits for Advanced Placement examinations taken in high schools as specified below. Credit will not be awarded for both AP and CLEP examinations covering the same course material. Official test scores sent directly from the testing center to Florida Atlantic University are required in order to award credit. To request official scores and for information visit https://apstudent.collegeboard.org/home or call 888-225-5427 or 609-771-7300.

Art History
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Chinese Language & Culture
Computer Science A
Computer Science AB
Econ: Macroeconomics
Econ: Microeconomics
English Lang & Comp
English Lit & Comp
Environmental Science
European History
French Language
French Literature
German Language
Gov’t & Politics: Comp
Gov’t & Politics: U.S.
Human Geography
Italian Language & Culture
Japanese Language & Culture
Latin – Literature
Latin – Vergil
Music Theory
Physics B
Physics C: Electrical
Physics C: Mechanical
Russian Language & Culture
Spanish Language
Spanish Literature
Studio Art: Drawing
Studio Art: 2-D Design
Studio Art: 3-D Design
U.S. History
World History

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