Thank you for your interest in Florida Atlantic University, and we wish you luck during the application process. If you have already submitted an application for admission, you should receive a letter of acknowledgement that would also contain a list of all the information pertaining to your admissions application.

Review the information in that letter carefully and indicate if there are corrections needed. If so, return the letter to our office as soon as possible. If all  your information is correct, you do not need to return the letter.

Required Documents
In order to ensure a smooth application process, please submit all documents as required. For your admissions requirements please select one of the following:
     • Freshman requirements
Transfer requirements
     • International Freshman requirements
     • International Transfer requirements

Check your application status
You are now able to check your application status online. Click here.

Changes to your Application  
                                                  If there are any changes that you would like to make pertaining to your admission application or status, please go the forms page.