STEPS for Admitted Freshman
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Freshman: Get Owl Done


Step 1


Get Owl Done by completing the next steps on our online onboarding portal: 

Through the portal you will be able to complete these steps: 

  • Activate your FAUNet ID and your FAU email address
  • Turn in your immunization forms
  • Register for Orientation
  • Take ALEKS (The Math Placement Test)
  • Verify personal information
  • Apply for housing and your meal plan
  • Get academic advising through OARS
  • Register for your classes
  • Send Undergraduate Admissions your final high school transcript



Transfers: Get Owl Done

Step 1


Activate Your MyFAU Account:

Visit and activate your FAUNet ID and FAU email address. Once logged in, you may apply for housing, accept financial aid awards, review course offerings, register for classes, check your email, complete your statement of responsibilities and receive FAU alerts. Your FAU Net ID can be found at the bottom of your acceptance letter. Please call the Help desk at 561-297-3999 for assistance with your MyFAU account. Students should check their FAU email frequently.
Step 2


Submit Your Required Tuition Deposit Beginning Fall 2017

All admitted transfer students must confirm their intention to enroll with a $100.00 non-refundable deposit by August 1, 2017 if accepted for the fall 2017 term, December 15, 2017 if accepted for the spring 2018 term, and May 1, 2018 if accepted for the summer 2018 term. Online payment via credit card may be submitted and is the preferred method of payment. Visit and click “Pay Tuition Deposit.” If you do not wish to pay online, please fill out the bottom portion of the Admissions Tuition Deposit form and send with your check or money order payable to Florida Atlantic University. The tuition deposit allows us to create your student account and make plans for your arrival. Your $100 deposit will be applied to your tuition or your account balance you may have.
Step 3

Apply for Housing and Meal Plans

All freshman and transfer students with less than 30 credits are required to live in the University Housing and purchase a meal plan (exceptions may apply- please contact housing for details). Apply for on-campus housing at

Step 4



Register for Orientation

Orientation is designed to make the transition to Florida Atlantic University as smooth as possible for you and your family members. The mandatory program promotes student development and accountability, and will provide you with information needed for a successful start to your academic career. Orientation is offered over the summer months for students enrolling in the summer and fall semesters, it is offered in November and January for students enrolling in the spring semester. Register at

Step 5

Seek Advising and Register

Freshmen students will be advised online using OARS, the Online Advising Resource System at OARS offers students early access to academic advisors and allows students to register for classes prior to Orientation. Students will be assigned an advisor through the OARS process and will be given their advisors picture and contact information.

Transfer Students with 30 or more credit hours can seek Academic Advising during the orientation program by each college. Visit the appropriate college's website for details regarding individual advising appointments.


All undeclared/exploratory students regardless of credit hours are advised through the Office of University Advising Services. Exploratory/undecided students are encouraged to check out the Owl Nation Exploration

Step 6


Verify Personal Information:

View your acceptance letter and verify that your address, telephone number, and email address are current. Also, check your residency status to ensure you will be charged the correct tuition rate. Make updates if necessary.
Step 7


Apply for Scholarships and Financial Aid

FAU offers numerous scholarships for incoming freshman and transfer students. We suggest applying early as our scholarships are competitive and most are awarded early in the admission cycle. The deadline to apply for a Freshman Scholarship is January 15 and the deadline for a Transfer Scholarship is March 1. For more information visit

To apply for financial aid, complete an online Free Application for Federal Student Aid at beginning January 1. The FAU priority deadline is March 1. Financial aid correspondence will be sent to your MyFAU email account. For more information, visit or call 561-297-3530.
Step 8


Submit Required Health Information

To comply with Florida Board of Governors Regulations, prior to registration, all students must submit a signed FAU Immunization Form and documented proof of immunizations to measles and rubella. In addition, all students must provide documentation of vaccinations against meningococcal meningitis and hepatitis B or provide a signed waiver for each declined vaccination. Students will not be allowed to register for classes until all documentation has been approved by the Student Health Services Immunization Office. For more information or to download the immunization form visit
Step 9 Submit Final Transcripts to FAU

Your acceptance to FAU is tentative based on the quality of your academic record at the time your file was reviewed. It is required that students submit all official final transcripts to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions before the first day of classes in order to avoid any registration holds. Final admission determinations are based on your final high school and/or college transcripts.
Step 10


Take the Math Placement Test (ALEKS)

FAU has adopted a mandatory placement exam to determine math proficiency known as ALEKS. All students with no prior college-level coursework in mathematics are required to take the ALEKS test. Visit
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