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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm new to the area and would like to know more about your institution.  How can I find out about your admissions requirements?

If you have access to the Internet, go to Florida Atlantic University's home page ( and click on the Admissions link.  There you will find additional contact information as well as admissions policies and procedures and on-line application forms.

Where do I go for Advising?

If you are a recent high school graduate or a student transferring from another institution with less than 45 credits hours, you are advised through the University Advising Services Office.  If you are transferring 45 or more credit hours, contact the Student Services Office within the appropriate college.

When I applied to FAU I didn't have a major.  I still don't.  Is there a listing of undergraduate majors?

Yes, in the Undergraduate catalog.  If you have Internet access, go to the FAU website (  Click on the courses/catalog link, then click on the undergraduate catalog link.  You will find a list of degree programs under "Academic Programs".

How can I find out what transfer credits FAU accepted from my other institution(s)?

You should arrange to meet with an advisor within your college/department to determine how transfer credits will be applied to your degree program.

I applied to FAU and transferred 65 credits.  A review of my FAU record shows I was only awarded 53 credits.
What happened to my other credits?

This question should be addressed to the Admission's Office, which does the initial evaluation of all transcripts (see link under "Resourceful Links" for Admission's Office).  Double check with the Admission's Office to make sure they received all of your transcripts.

What is Gordon Rule?

All students entering a Florida state university after October 15, 1982 are required to comply with Florida Administrative Code 6A10.030, known as the Gordon Rule.  This requires 4 writing intensive classes (12 semester hours) and 2 classes of Gordon Rule mathematics (6 semester hours) all with a grade of "C" or better.  Additional information is available in the on-line Undergraduate catalog.

My major requires me to take 6 credit hours of "upper division" coursework.  What does that mean?

Lower division courses are usually any course with a 1000/2000 course number (for example: ENC 1101 and ARH 2000).  These courses are generally considered freshman or sophomore level classes.  Upper division courses are usually any course with a 3000/4000 course number (i.e. MAN 3030 and SYD 4814).  These courses are generally considered junior or senior level classes.  Courses with a 5000/6000 number are graduate level classes.

What is an ELECTIVE?

An elective is any course not required for your major.  In other words, it is a course not prescribed as a requirement for your degree.

I work and can't take a full course load.  How many classes or credits do I need to take to be a part-time student?

A full-time undergraduate course load is 12 credits hours or more in the Fall & Spring semesters.  Most of the undergraduate degree programs require 120 credit hours to earn the degree.  Students hoping to complete a degree in four years should take at least 15 credit hours in the Fall & Spring semester or 30 credit hours per academic year.  The maximum enrolled credit hours for the Fall & Spring semesters is 20 credit hours.  Students enrolled for 1 to 11 credit hours are considered part-time.

I took 3 years of Spanish in high school.  Do I have to take a foreign language at FAU?

All undergraduate students admitted to FAU must satisfy the statewide foreign language admissions requirement (2 years of a foreign language sequence while in high school, or the equivalent proficiency at the college or university level - for example: credit through Advanced Placement or the International Baccalaureate program).  Your major will determine whether or not you are required to take a foreign language to fulfill your degree requirements (see Baccalaureate Degree Requirements in the Undergraduate catalog).

How does the Pass/Fail grade option work?

In certain designated undergraduate courses, undergraduate students may elect to receive a Pass (P) or Fail (F) grade rather than a standard "A through F" grade.  "P" grades are not calculated within the grade point average (GPA).  "F" grades ARE calculated within the GPA.  Students may take only one P/F class per semester and up to 12 credit hours of P/F course work during their entire course of study at FAU. Please refer to the on-line Undergraduate catalog for the Pass/Fail policy.

What is a PIN CODE?

A PIN code is a personal identification number assigned to each student eligible to use MyFAU system.  A student's initial PIN code is their birth day and year preceded by two zeros.  For example: if a student's birth date is 6/13/83, then their PIN code is 001383.

I have a HOLD and can't register for classes.  How do I get rid of the HOLD?

Registration holds are placed on students' records for a number of reasons.  You must first determine what department(s) placed the hold.  Then you must contact that department to find out what needs to be done to clear the hold(s).  Use MyFAU to check for holds.

I tried registering for an English class and it said "permit only".  What does that mean?

Certain courses require special permission from the instructor and/or department.  Students generally may not register for these courses using MyFAU.  To get permission to register, students must take a registration Drop/Add from to the instructor or department, obtain a signature and the college stamp, and then take the form to the Registrar's Office to get enrolled.  Students may also be given "authorization or permission" in MyFAU by the department and may then register on-line.

How do I check my grades at the end of the term?

Grades reports are no longer mailed to students at the end of each semester.  Students may obtain their grades via MyFAU website (

I took a course at FAU and received an "F" within it.  My friend told me I can have the grade "forgiven".  How do I do this?

As an FAU student, you may use the "forgiveness" policy two (2) times during your pursuit of an undergraduate degree.  The course you wish to forgive must be a FAU course and can only be repeated at FAU.  A Repeated Course Request Card (available within the Registrar's Office or on-line at the Registrar's link), must be filled out and submitted to the Registrar's Office.  Both grades for the course will be displayed on the transcript, but only the last grade earned is calculated into the GPA.

How can I change my major?

A "Change of Major" form (available within the Registrar's Office) must be completed, and submitted to the accepting college (the college in which your new major resides) along with an "unofficial" copy of your transcript.  Take the form to the Student Services Office within the College of your new major.  Generally, an overall cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required to change your major.

What is a minor?

Minors are offered in several disciplines (refer to the on-line Undergraduate catalog).  Generally, a minor requires approximately 18 to 21 credit hours of concentrated study in a specified discipline.  A student may pursue one minor per major degree program.

I'm considering transferring to FAU from an out-of-state institution.  Is there a way to see the degree requirements for my anticipated major to make sure you have the program I want?

Yes, if you have Internet access you can go to the FAU website (, and click on the Undergraduate catalog link.  Once there, click on "degree requirements".  Also, on the Undergraduate catalog page, you will find course descriptions for the classes associated with each of the undergraduate degree programs.

I am an out-of-state student pursuing a degree here at FAU.  I'm from New York and I'd like to take classes at my local community college when I go home for the Summer.  Will the credits transfer back and be counted toward my degree program at FAU?

You should probably meet with an advisor within your college/department to discuss the appropriateness of taking classes at another institution.  If you and your advisor agree on the course(s) you can take, a "Transient Student" form will need to be completed and processed through the Registrar's Office.  The form can also be completed through  The "Transient Student" form allows FAU students to take courses at another institution and assures the credits will be accepted toward the FAU degree.

Is it possible to earn a degree on-line at FAU?

Go to FAU's home page ( and click on the Distance Learning link.  Once you've accessed the distance learning site, click on "Programs" for a detailed listing of courses and degree programs available on-line

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