College of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science

Kenneth M. Krassy
David Albert Erickson
Raul Moncarz
Thomas Willard Olsen, III

College of Education
Bachelor of Arts

Marjorie Pooler Carew
Diane May Finnan
Ruth Weeks Gary
Barbara Ann Krenzer
Jane Anne O'Donnell
Harold Eugene Roland, Jr.
Merril Rothwax
Gail A. Sobering
Betty J. Swyers
Lewis Charles Thornton, Jr.
Helen V. Vaughan
Shirley Swanson Zimmer
Rona F. Fleig
Cynthia Parr McCall
Gladys Hayes Mickle
Carolyn L. Patterson
Marilyn Martha Huffman Smith
Evelyn E. Varj

College of Humanities
Bachelor of Arts

Lincoln Oscar Anderson
Marjorie Wright Gleason
Betsy Emch Green
Virginia Caldwell Haber
Alfred H. Hopkins, Jr.

College of Science
Bachelor of Science

Roger Eugene Kranich
John M. Hinman, Jr


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